Alternatives to fossils

With a globally increasing demand for sustainable and clean alternative raw materials to fossil fuels, and with an increasing focus on converting organic residuals into new products a new sector in the biobased economy is being created. In this innovative sector Biobased Trading supplies sustainable raw materials to meet a growing demand for alternative raw materials. Biobased Trading was initially founded to supply sustainable woodchips to biomass power plants, now the company has developed into not only supplying residual fibers to energy utilities and the Pulp & Paper industry, but also to green chemistry an other biobased demand.

We offer a secure certified supply chain from world class processing facilities, our own ship loading facilities, as well as long-term supply agreements in the USA and EU. Alongside careful stewardship of our existing activities and assets, we are continually exploring new sources, products, markets and sectors to support our long-term strategic vision: combining innovation and business sense to become a global supply leader in the Biobased Economy.

Principled operation


Biobased Trading believes in developing and managing supply chains that provide positive environmental and social economic benefits to the surrounding region. Biobased Trading is a unique entrepreneur with an innovative approach to bring business to fruition by analyzing the needs of the clients and matching them with the most balanced and efficient delivery structure of alternative raw materials.


With a globally increasing demand for sustainable and clean alternative raw materials, we focus on the supply chain, certification, phytosanitary,- and quality requirements of bringing the raw materials from source to process. We manage long term supply chains from sourcing and certification to terminal management and shipping. As circularity is our core belief, we develop the supply chains only, where the organic matter used in the process can not be used for more circular alternative.

Climate recognition

In recognition of the growing global challenges from climate change and significant pressures on natural resources tries to address these challenges and we are proud to play a small part towards the safeguarding of this planet of ours for future generations. With that goal in sight we work together with multiple partners to identify, develop, structure, invest in and implement supply chains that deliver social and environmental benefits as well as security of supply to our customers.

Products & Services

Biobased Trading is an international supplier of clean sustainable raw materials for the Biobased Economy. With offices, sourcing and production in Europe and the US we have secured the entire supply chain from sustainable managed processes to plant. Through our hands-on experience and boots on the ground approach we are well positioned, which benefits our suppliers, customers, communities and shareholders.

Wood chips, bark and sawdust

We supply FSC or PEFC certified forestry by-products from hardwood or softwood species for production of clean energy, green chemistry or traditional uses. Our clean alternative raw materials are produced from managed forests.

Organic by-products

The demand for biobased, biodegradable sustainable products is increasing and with this the demand for alternative raw materials. We supply Organic by-products, such as proteins, sugars and starches, from horticulture and agriculture partners. We have developed supply chains for a variety of products from beets to potatoes as well as tomatoes and other horticulture by-products.

Eco-friendly building materials

Numerous eco-friendly building materials have emerged in the marketplace to reduce the environmental impact of building construction and operations. Sustainable construction also takes into consideration a material’s appropriateness for the climate in which it is used. We supply sustainable building materials for project developers.

Shipping & logistics

Biobased Trading has in depth experience in all aspects of logistics. This starts from simple local green logistics to more complex transportation by truck to terminal, stock-piling, loading of a vessel, maximizing stowage, phytosanitary requirements, and arranging ocean freight. We can provide clean alternative raw materials CO2 neutral on F.O.B. or C.I.F. basis. Furthermore our hands-on experienced makes us well placed to advise you in this process even upto discharging and delivering the clean alternative raw materials to your plants.

Certification & Quality

Biobased Trading sustainable sourcing standard for its raw materials is required to ensure that existing and new sources of clean alternative raw materials  do not result in environmental or social harm where we source material. We are only sourcing certified sustainable materials.

Environmental considerations are:

  • Protection of habitat loss and biodiversity
  • Protection of local environment (soil and water protection, agrochemicals)
  • Reducing overall emissions of greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuel alternatives

Social considerations are:

  • Avoiding unacceptable competition for food
  • Promoting positive local economic effects
  • Avoid unacceptable labour and indigenous people rights violations (consistent with Circular Investment’s Supplier Code)
  • We will achieve this through sourcing clean alternative raw materials only from legal and sustainable origins. Our quality standards apply to clean alternative raw materials sourced from Biobased Trading’s supply chain, typically to generate heat and power, as well as Pulp & Paper, manufacturing of MDF, Card and Paperboard

Standard Rules for wood products

The fiber shall originate only from independently verifiable, certified sustainable source e.g. FSC, PEFC or equivalent. Furthermore, it originates from a traceable source that is licensed in the country of origin as legal and sustainable.


Sustainability Standards both in the EU as well as the USA are needed for the evaluation of the production, trade and use of these kind of raw materials. The European Standards can be used with regard to production, trading, controlling and analysis of supply chains in general. Sampling is always part of the process and the main principle is to obtain a representative sample (samples) from the whole lot concerned.

Every particle in the lot or sub-lot to be represented by the sample should have an equal probability of being included in the sample. In order to do so a sampling plan is used. Biobased Trading uses various independent international accredited organisations for taking samples according to the latest European Standards ensuring a representative cargo load. Biobased Trading also uses independent international laboratories accredited according to the latest ISO and EN standard for a large number of analyses.

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